The vision God showed me concerning South Africa on 27/03/2012

In this vision, the Spirit of the Lord Almighty took me to a town called Johannesburg in South Africa and I was led by God’s Spirit into an old mine.

I stood there wondering what would happen next, then the voice of God says “My daughter, look towards your right hand”. I did as I was commanded and there appeared a huge arrow-shaped light pointing to where there were lots of bags then suddenly, a hand that shaped like a human hand appeared with bright light like the earlier arrow and the hand opened the bags, and behold, they were full of gold bars.

Then the Lord said to me, “I will release the gold bars to the south Africans to help the poor people .” My daughter, the cry of the poor people of South Africa has come to my ears, they have been robbed of their heritages and have been treated badly. They were not cared for by their corrupt leaders. They are hungry and have cried to me.

The voice of God continued “I am the Almighty God, I am the Lord and the cries of the poor of this land has come up to me. I the Lord that fed the whole world will feed these my children who have called unto me. The leaders of this nation have made themselves rich with the resources that I the Lord blessed them with.

“They have made the majority on this land to live the life of a forgotten people, and poverty-stricken. The leaders of this nation have neglected the poor, fatherless, widows, and the aged uncared for and have made many poor and desolate.

“They have withheld the wages of their workers and many died of hunger. I have seen the afflictions of the poor and I the Lord have come to rescue them. I the Lord will punish those who have made themselves rich with the substances that I the Lord gave to this nation. I the Lord have now stretched out my hands to punish the indigenes and foreigners who came to exploit them.

“I the Lord will punish them alike when I stretch out my hands to punish them for the evils they have done to the poor, widows, fatherless and the needy. I am the Lord and will avenge for them. I am the Almighty God, the creator of the heaven and the earth. I the Lord will not leave the guilty unpunished. I the Lord will punish them.”


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