About the Vatican City and the destruction of Roman Catholic system of doctrine

Date of revelation: 12/02/2011

The Holy Spirit of God took me and placed me inside the Vatican on the very sport that the Pope sits. This place was dark, full of all abominable statuses of Mary, of all the Popes that have died and the one alive, of Saint Peter and Paul, of many statues of the Pope made saints who the Pope pray and to whom he pays homage.

This place was full of tombs of dead saints, of Popes, Cardinals, all sorts of images of different shapes and sizes. To my surprise, I saw the seat of the Pope made of gold and at the back of his throne as they called it was the cross placed upside down.

The Pope was kneeling in front of the statue of Mary praying and chanting some words which I cannot understand and he was licking the giant rosary beads that was around his neck. Though the Pope turned his back to me.

My concern at the time was if he should see me, first, I was afraid that if the Pope should turn and see me in this his most secret place, secondly what will I say that brought me to this place, but as I was pondering this in my mind, then the voice of the Almighty God saying: “My daughter, My daughter see these abominations that this messenger of satan has committed against me. All the Popes before him had committed these iniquities and had trespassed against Me the Almighty Lord.

“They have committed these unforgivable sins, from the time that they set up this Romanization System of wrong doctrine and worship, they have rebelliously and completely go out of My ways and work for Satan their father and working very hard and always going against Me and has turn my people against Me. They have changed My words in the scriptures and added their own words which I the Lord did not ask them to do.

“They have built their satanic atlas and filled them with detestable objects and images of reptiles and of dead bodies. They worship the works of their own hands and quick to shed innocent blood. All the popes teach my people the doctrines of Balaam, and keep putting stumbling blocks before my people, teaching them to commit fornications, sexual immoralities, and forcing them to adopt the doctrines of Nicolaitan which I the Lord hate. All the popes have been seducing my people, they have gone against my commandments and the truth of my words. They have continuously and relentlessly provoke me to anger and do all the things that are against my words.

“They have changed my Commandments and had added , taking away and manipulated my words in the bible which I told my prophets to write under the the inspiration of My Spirit in order to teach my saints My truth. They have shed the blood of my saints and have the salvation that I the Lord gave to the whole world and instituted their own ways of salvation by works. They made dead bodies into sainthoods, they have taught my people to wear dead peoples bones and objects as protections and had made themselves as gods on earth.

“My daughter will I the Almighty God not judge them for these? I will as long as I live. I am the Lord the avenger. I the Almighty Lord will avenge for my words and My saints whose blood they have shed. I will destroy their system and all those people that have indoctrinated themselves to this system and had refused to do according to My true words. I am the Lord. I am the Lord.”


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