The wrath of the Lord on the world

Please readers, when you read this, at the time that the Lord showed me this, He did not tell me that it was for coronavirus. The word coronavirus did not exist then.

When coronavirus started, I was soliciting, crying, begging God to please take and destroy coronavirus for His churches sake and the whole world, for His namesake, to please have mercy upon us. Then He put in front of me this revelation which He had before revealed and showed me on 30/09/1982.

The Spirit of the Lord placed me in between the clouds of heaven. I could see the cloud above me, the cloud below, I could see myself like hanging inside the clouds, I was very frightened and very afraid. Not knowing what is going to happen, All of a sudden, I saw in front of me the map of the world covered in the huge fire, rolling, this fire was coming and pouring like water at a speed that was beyond any human comprehension, that I cannot measure.

At this point, I became more afraid and was shaking like leaves that are blown by very strong winds like the time of a strong storm. My fear was that I will be burnt with this fire that was pouring on the map of the world.

As I was in this frightful condition, I head the voice of the Lord saying: “My daughter, I have seen the atrocities that are going on among my so-called servants in the world and have come to pour My wrath on them, whether they will repent and change from their evil ways or not. I am the Lord of all flesh and I the Almighty God judges sins. I the Lord will tell you their sins.

“My houses of prayers are now owned by My so-called servants, they have been turned to places where my so-servants are selling my words at exorbitant prices and at an alarming rate. Pretending to propagate My Kingdom. They exploit, they are working with the evil spirit of covetousness. My servants have made My saints financially drained and have been made poor and without caring for them. My so-called servants have put an unbearable yokes’ on My saints in tithes and offerings, they have levied on My saints’ heavy burdens which they themselves cannot bear.

“My so-called servants build houses, mansions, palaces and live luxuriously while many of My saints are poor and in poverty state, they have unending businesses all over the world which they hide. But can anyone hide anything from Me the Almighty God who searches all the reins? My so-called servants are most deceitful, arrogant, and without hearts. They pretend to serve Me, but they make themselves rich at the expense of My saints.

“My daughter, should I the Lord not avenge My saints for these evils? I will. My daughter, I the Lord will. I will not pardon their iniquities unless they changed from their evil ways. Fornications, adulteries, and sexual immoralities are found in My houses of prayers and among My so-called servants, I the Lord will judge them and punish them unless they change from their evil ways and repent. My daughter, I am not in the midst of some of My houses of prayers as they don’t pray to Me and their miracles, healings, and signs and wonders are not from Me the Almighty Lord. They are quick for unlawful gains.

They have shed the blood of My saints. My daughter I am sending you to them, to warn them if they will change and repent of these their evils and turn from their evil ways. They do My works for gains and has turned My houses of prayers to immortality and sexual scenes and exploitation. They have turned My houses of prayers to markets where they sell their wares. My daughter, they have turned their backs to Me and not the front. All My houses of prayers are owned by My wicked servants that are called by My name. Should I not punish them for this wickedness? I the Almighty Lord will judge them and punish them.

They have allowed the heathen to blasphemy My Holy name. They made and worship idols which I the Lord commanded not to do. They have closed their eyes to all My commandments. They do not show love to My saints. They have turned My houses of prayers to houses of merchandise and are very happy to do evils. I the Almighty Lord will punish them for these evils.

My daughter, the sins of the world are great, they need to be punished. The world has killed unborn babies without number, they have invented killing machines. Their evil intentions are killing My people all over the entire world, and they don’t stop. They cause wars and destroy My people. The world is turned sodomites, and they are happy, women with women and men with men. They are the most corrupt and wicked generation on this planet earth. Their sins are more and heavier than the time of Noah and Gomorrah that I the Lord destroyed. The leaders are godless, heartless, wicked, and made laws for themselves and have no regard for My laws. They call good bad and bad good. They made laws for men to change their nature to the unnatural, men changed to women and boys changed to girls, girls changed to boys.

Divorces and immorality are on the point of no return. My daughter, should I the Lord not punish the world for these evils? I will. I am the Lord I am the Lord. My daughter tell the world to repent and turn to Me the Almighty Lord. They must repent, otherwise worst things will I the Almighty Lord do to them. Ian the Lord that judges sins. I am the Lord.


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