The wrath of God on the descendants of the Ishmaelites

Date of revelation: 7th June, 1989.

I was in the Spirit of God in this vision and the surroundings were very bright and very serene, in front of me was a massive bushy area. As I looked on, I saw a huge mosque with the orange dome inside this very bush area.

There was these different Muslims flags of different shapes, sizes and colors of green and white, black, half moon, and stars and red colors on top of the mosque. People were entering this mosque in thousands dressed in their Muslim costumes.

There were little or no light but I could see this mosque and the people going inside. As I was wondering why I was at this place, then the unexpected happened. I saw multitudes of dogs in different shapes, sizes and colors entering this mosque and emptying their stomach inside the mosque and the multitudes of people entering.

The dogs were also fighting and injuring the people and biting them, killing them, tearing them to pieces and throwing the dismembered bodies into a very massive gulf that was made purposely for this bodies. None of these Muslims have any power to withstand these vicious dogs.

They attacked the people mercilessly and continued to vomit on top of the mosque as well as around the mosque. These terrible scenes continued for a very long time a until all the Muslims were destroyed and their rem4were cast into the gulf made for this purpose. I could hardly breathe and was so afraid that I wanted to scream but there was no power in me to talk or to utter any word. I was frozen but alive.

Then the voice of God saying: “I the Lord have seen the evil that the descendant of Ishmael have done to my saints on earth and now I have poured my wrath on them. I have heard their blasphemous words against me. The way they have killed my saints. They beheadings of my saints and how they have destroyed all the houses where my saints worship me.

“I the Lord have seen their hatred towards me and how they have destroyed my inheritance all over the world. I gave them time and times to repent but they refused to acknowledge me their creator. They are most evil and evils have come upon them. I am the Lord.”

Then I saw huge fire that burnt the remains of the mosque and the gulf were the dismembered bodies were thrown and the bush. The place became very clean and churches buildings were there in billions that covered the whole world. There was no end to this fast place.


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