The root of the Yorubas in Nigeria was revealed to me by our Lord Jesus Christ.

A revelation that the Almighty God gave me regarding the Nigerian’s nativity.

In this vision, I was with a group of people and were discussing the bible on the the book of Deuteronomy as we discussed, I noticed that there was a man who was not sitting with us but as if he was very much interested in our discussion.

He was clothed in this extraordinary white garment down to its feet His eyes were illuminating  and pointing to all of us in the group. I was drawn to him and was nearer to him than the rest of the people in the group. Then I opened my mouth and asked  the man that was not among us whose face was not like any of us, as he has fire all over his eyes and the eyes were like flame of fire.

This wonderful figure was not actually with the group, but was like looking and been attentive to what we  were saying  in Christ’s name.  I moved more closer to him and asked the following questions. My questions to him were, ” Why do the Yorubas especially the Ondo people especially do circumcision or have fringes, or always do roasting of animals when they have special events like naming ceremonies, marriages and many more important events?  and always do the blowing of trumpets known as “IPE “ made of long  gourd  horn like thing, also the giving a maiden to accompany a new bride to her husband house, and why  did Nigeria had her independence on October first of all the months in the year?”

I didn’t know why I asked these questions neither did my lips moved or my mouth were not opened, but I know that these questions were from me. Before anyone could answer, the man that I described  above said: “My daughter their nativity is from Abram my servant. They have chosen to ignore their origin and I the Lord left them to their  ignorance.  I the Lord have left them until I come to make them know who they were.”

Then I and the rest of the bible study group  heard the words from the Lord and were so afraid beyond believe that we were shaking and fell on our faces  to the ground worshiping Him with eyes closed. I don’t know how long we were in this condition,  but by the time that we opened our eyes the Almighty Lord  had disappeared . We all pondered this in our minds and gave glory to the Lord Jesus Christ.


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