The vision of the Lord Jesus Christ about the caught up saints

The Caught up saints as revealed to me by the Almighty God on 23/03/1989.

About this revelation that God showed me concerning the saints of Jesus Christ in the air, inside the clouds. In this vision, the Spirit of God Almighty took me to a place.

In this place, I found myself in the clouds with the clouds under me and the clouds above me. I was inside these colourful clouds.

All of a sudden, I saw this very unusual object full of these clusters of beautiful stars in the shape of the image in this document, they were actually beyond any human descriptions.


They were all stars sparking. I was fascinated and continued to admire them. Illuminating, flashing, bright and shining brightly. They were so many and were in such a beautifully arranged pattern.

To my surprise, they were singing in this angelic melodious songs in the words which I couldn’t understand. Even though at the time I was singing with them by the Holy Spirit of God in me.

Their voices were out of this world. I have never in a trillion years heard such voices and the ways that they composed themselves and moving in such an electrifying  speed, the heavenly arrangements of the way that they move and danced.


Their colours were uncommon, unsearchable, unimaginatively known to any human beings. The patterns of their movement and the way that they were was beyond any human description.

I was mesmerised and felt heavenly. I didn’t want this type of atmosphere to end. I tried so very hard to know the words of the melodies and the wording of the song but I couldn’t.

Without me moving, I was moved to dance like them and was so moving in this electrifying speed that I thought I was not myself again.

While I was in this happy and very exciting atmosphere, I heard the voice of the Lord  saying: “My daughter, these are my saints that I the Lord have got out from the wicked world and now they will live with me forevermore.


“Go into the the world and publish it to the hearings of all my saints and to the four corners of the world, the everlasting joy that they will enjoy with me the Almighty Lord.

“I am the first and the last, the everlasting God. I am the Lord, I am the Lord, the king of all His saints.” The voice was very electrifying,  more than the noise of all the oceans, seas  and rivers put together.

But to my amazement, it was very soothing and very pleasant. I was not so much afraid but was shaking uncontrollably.

The voice of the Almighty continued:  “My daughter, go tell it to my people what you have seen to make them know that I the Almighty God is always with my saints. I am the Lord, I am the Lord.”


The sound of God’s voice was indescribable, as the sounds of trillions of many oceans, rivers put together, terrified but comforting.

The Lord continued saying: “I am the Lord.  I am the Lord. I am the Lord.”



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