The wrath of God on Nigeria

The wrath of God’s upon Nigeria Date: 21-12-1986 In this vision, the Spirit of the Lord placed me on-top of the Government house at Abuja with the Nigerian flag. I could recognise the building and the area that this building was the Capital of Nigeria Abuja. I was wondering what to do and why I was in this place. The the voice of the saying: my daughter I will show you the evils that these evil people do in this nation. Then the Spirit of Lord, took me round the towns and the villages of the whole of Nigeria, the poverty stricken people, the widows, the fatherless, the slums where people’s dwellings where, full of debris and uncared for, totally neglected and some in very bad state. The voice of the continued saying, my daughter I will show you more abominations than these.The Spirit of the Lord then took me to many houses of the wealthy people and how they lavish money on funerals, birthdays, weddings, social activities that are against the word of God, spending money on loose women, on prostitution and their many evil ways, by these rich people of Nigeria. The voice of the Lord continued saying, my daughter, I will show you more of this nation’s abominations The Lord then took me to where they sacrificed people the devil for rituals. In these places there were thousands of beheaded people crying for help. Many were without some parts of their bodies but they still cried for help. Many are dismembered but they still cried for help. Then the voice of the Lord continued saying My pastors that are called by my name exploit my people. They make themselves fat and rich. They do not do what pleases me but they pleased themselves. They are the evil shepherds that continued to deceive my people through seed sewing, forcing my people to pay money to their accounts. Then the voice of the Lord saying: My daughter you see the atrocities, abominations and the evils that my people are doing in this land that they think to call by my name. I the Lord have come to fight against this nation with my power. Those who are called by my name do it out of contempt and are not sincere. Their hands have shed innocent blood. Then the voice of Lord continued saying: My daughter look in front of you, this is what I the Lord will use to pour my wrath upon the nation of Nigeria. The object in my front looks so unusual and strange. It is like the shape of the letter V but very big and it got two big revolving eyes full of fire eyes that looks like many round objects inside the eyes but full of fire. I was beyond fright, I wanted to speak, but I could not pronounce any word, no word came to my lips. The voice of Lord continued saying: Publish it in the ears of the leaders the shepherds that are called by my name and all the people of Nigeria old and young. Tell them to change from their evil ways. My daughter these evil people will not change, because they are really evil. The voice of the Lord continued saying: My daughter, it is not the only the leaders that are evil, many Nigerians who profess my name are evil, Almost every Nigerian has and image or an idol that they worship secretly. And will I the Lord not punish them for these abominations, I will from the smallest to the greatest. The people who think to worship me are more evil than those who do not want to know me. They worship the devil pretending to worship me. The evils pastors are using human sacrifices to provoke me the lord to anger. They are most evil. I will pour my wrath like fire on this evil nation. I have sent my servants to them to repent of these their evils but they will not repent. They use humans blood as water to bath themselves. They forced my saints to pay money to themselves and not to me. Everywhere stinks, the people both young and old run to do evils. I am the Lord and I hate evils. I am the Lord. My daughter these people will I the Lord search with fire and it will burn them, everyone that do these evils. I am the Lord that hates evil and the evil doers. I will not repent of these evils. I am the lord. I am the lord.


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