Vision of the church

On the 1st of June 1993, i saw a vision, the Holy Spirit placed me in a very large and massive building that was decorated with the brightness of the Sun. This building was so brightly lit that it dazzles. In front of me was a figure of Lord clothed in a garment whiter than snow and reaching to the ground. This whiteness was bright and shining. I was terrified at the brightness of this garment, His eyes were like the sun and by His side was a seven golden lamp stand burning brightly. As I looked towards this figure, His voice sounded like the sound of rushing water. He started talking to me saying, “I am the king of all saints, I am the patron of the church of the second coming of Jesus Christ, I will gather my church from the four corners of the world” This message was given to me in Yoruba language,

“Ijo bibo Mi lerinkeji, EMI ni Oludari ijo yi,  EMI ni Olupese,  fun ijo yi, EMI ni Olubukunfun ijo yi,  EMI ni Oluranlowo fun ijo yi, EMI ni alakoso ijo yi, EMI ni Olorun oga ogo  fun  ijo yi  too gbe ijo yi kale ni oruko mi

2nd June, 1993

The voice of the Lord spoke these words to me

The Spirit of the Lord put me between the earth and I was in the clouded when I heard the words of the Lord saying, my daughter, my daughter, I am  the Almighty Lord, and I am sending you to my churches
Tell my  churches to go back and observe My 7 feasts days which was in the book of Leviticus 23. 1-44 which I gave them as a sign of a set apart from the world as they are not of this world. Tell my people to observe the New Year that I gave them in the book of Exodus 12.13 as my sign of a set apart from the world. Read the book of Ezekiel chapter 37 to the hearing of my people for as an assurance that

“I the Lord  had United Israel and Judah together  before the foundation of the world, so will I unite my church, those that are called by name, both Jews who believe in Me, and the gentiles who believe in me” I se that my churches have gone completely out of my ways that I the Lord gave my apostles and are worshipping another god which I the Lord commanded them not to worship. I the Lord , I am now sending you my daughter to tell them to come back to me to worship me on my Sabbath and to observe my holy days, which I have used as a sign  of a separation between them and this perverse world. As I was there in this position, there was no ground under me, except clouds under me and clouds over my head. I saw no one except the Lord clothed in this white radiant clothes and His eyes were fire, I could not see any head but just the fire in the shape of a head with two fiery eyes where eye balls should be. I was terrified, shaking uncontrollably and I could not speak. In front of me were four books, one has the Leviticus 23.1-44, the other has Exodus 12.1-3, the other was Exodus 13.1-2 then the other was Ezekiel 37. Theses writing on the books were very large and very visible for me to read and fire surrounded these books.

When I woke up, I pondered this in my heart and prayed that God will enlighten me what to do. I was given series of revaluations and visions regarding this on different occasions which I will write  about in this  website.


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