The revelation of God concerning His restoration of Nigeria

The restoration and the blessings of God upon Nigeria was revealed to me by the Almighty God on 29.12.2003.

In this vision, the Spirit of the Lord put me in a place very big place. I could not see the beginning or the ending of this mysterious place but it was very brightly lit and beautiful.

In front of me were two white boards that emerged from the clouds. On the first board was the flag of Nigeria, green, white and green. To my surprise, the flag has been torn to pieces and damaged and very badly marked.


It looks very dirty, I was shocked beyond believe. I pondered in my mind why the flag was in that horrible condition. Then the voice of God saying: “My daughter, remove this damaged flag.”

Without moving my hand by myself, my hand removed the flag, and the dirty flag disappeared to the unknown. Then the Lord said: “My daughter, write on the second white board the name of Nigeria in big letters.”

I wrote on the white board the name of Nigeria in capital letters. Before I could finish writing the word as the Almighty God commanded me, to my surprise, the beautiful flag of Nigeria was placed on the board with the name of Nigeria in capital letters in the colour red.


Then the voice of Lord continued saying: “I the Lord have come to restore Nigeria to glory for my name sake. I the Lord have heard the cry and the prayers of my handful people who prayed earnestly with their whole hearts to me the Almighty God, and I have come to restore her and bless her abundantly.

“I am the Lord, the God of all blessings. I the Lord have come to destroy afflictions, wickedness and all evils from Nigeria and have blessed my people the Nigerians with my everlasting blessings. I am the Lord.”

Jesus Christ coming for his church again.



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