The vision that was revealed to me concerning the wrath of God on the Northern Korea bomb factories

On July 7 1988, in this vision, the Spirit of God took me to North Korea and placed me on top of the Northern Koreans Parliament House, the office of the President of North Korea.

The flag was on top of the building, I was afraid and was bewildered to see myself on top of this massive building. As my fear grew, then I heard the voice of God the Almighty saying: “My daughter, look ahead of you.”

And then I looked as I was commanded, I looked straight ahead as I was commanded. In front of me was a huge and massive glass building with Northern Koreans flag.

The power of God made me to see the inside of this massive building clearly. The whole area was lit by the power of God. Inside this very unusual glass building were piles and piles of massive and gigantic bombs and explosives.


The weight of one could be more than many kilograms. This house was in a desolate place, the bombs were so many that I couldn’t count them.

The voice of the Almighty continued saying, “My daughter these bombs were meant to destroy various countries around the world.

“My daughter, pick up one of the bombs and throw it in the glass house that is full of bombs.” To my amazement and surprise, the bomb that was so big was placed on my right hand, as the bomb got to my hand, but my hand expanded to carry the bomb with my right hand.

This massive bomb felt on my hand less than a feather. It became so light that I couldn’t feel the weight. Then the voice of the Lord continued saying: “My daughter throw what I the Lord placed on your right hand unto the glass house full of bombs.”


I did as I was commanded and the whole place exploded with the highest bang and noise that anyone could imagine. To my amazement, I was not affected or even afraid. The place where God put me was cool and brightly lit.

The voice of God continued again saying: “I the Almighty Lord have destroyed the evil works of the North Koreans. They had in their evil minds to destroy many nations of the world who are against their evil inventions. So they determined to build these evil devices.

“They had it in their destructive minds to control the entire world, to destroy as many nations as they are capable of. They had stopped my people to serve me and had planned to destroy anything to do with my name.


“They have burnt many of my houses of prayers and where my people worship me. They had done these abominations to provoke me the God of all flesh and the creator of heavens of heavens and earth.

“They have shed the blood of my saints and persecuted my people that are called by my name. I am the Lord, the avenger of His persecuted people, I am the Lord. The avenger. I am the Lord.”



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