The end of the world as Jesus Christ revealed it to me

The end of the world
I was taking in the Spirit of God to a place, the surrounding was cool and serene and it was a bluish shining colour with different shades of blue but very transparent. It looks like glass and just like the bluish colour of an ocean at a distance and the colour of the Sun at its highest. I was clothed in white dress bright and reaching to my ankle. Then in front of me, was the huge map of the world flashing like the Sun at its brightest and dazzling. As I was wondering what is going to happen to me or why the map of the world was where it was, Both me and the map were inside the clouds in the air. The clouds were under us and over us. Then the unexpected happened. As I looked on, there comes the enormous leg emerging from inside the clouds anove us from the clouds above us and resting on the map of the world. This very unusual leg, to my amazement, has only two toes, the large toe and another smaller toe. I was bewildered, very afraid and shaking. It was a very fearful thing to see. The facts that I didn’t know where I was, except for the giant leg. There was a padlock that joined the big toe to the map of the world. I was bewildered to see these image and I was wondering what these phenomenon was, then the voice of the Lord said my daughter, my faughter, “This is the end of the word” Nothing was said after this.


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